Mémoire Watch Winder

CHF 6500.-

Set off on a journey into the furthest reaches of time, and contemplate the memory of our beautiful planet in the petrified wood that composes each side of this new winder. Imagine a story that began 225 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed and the land was covered in dense primal forest. Part vegetable, part mineral, petrified wood owes its extraordinary metamorphosis to a rare alchemy of water, ash and minerals such as iron, copper and manganese that gives each winder its unique and incomparable pattern. Meticulous polishing brings out the magnificence and beauty of these authentic fossils, and reveals the rich palette of colours in a stunning abstract landscape. These thin layers of « wood turned to stone » display a transparency and depth made possible by a technology known only to RDI-Charles Kaeser.

Technical specifications

Dimensions : 165 x 165 x 145 mm
Weight : 3 kg
Columns : Soft-black metal
Side faces : Petrified wood
Top face : Petrified wood
Front face : Leather-clad with glass door
Programs : 16
Power supply : 2 AA batteries or on sector


Every piece is unique