Prestige K10-6 Watch Winder

CHF 2400.-

The epitome of elegance, this all-black model highlights the subtle contrast between the sobriety of lacquered glass, the warmth of leather, and the subdued elegance of the soft-black metal columns for a lesson in style. Offering 16 programs, its rotational movement can be admired through the generous front opening. This ultra-silent winder will combine beautifully with the other models in the Prestige range. A contemporary object for collectors with an eye for excellence.

Technical specifications

Dimensions : 165 x 165 x 145 mm
Poids : 3.2 kg
Columns : Soft-black metal
Side faces : Black glass
Front faceLeather-clad with glass door
Programs : 16
Power supply : 2 AA batteries or on sector

Available without door : CHF 2100.-