Prestige K10-7 Watch Winder

CHF 3200.-

Nobility and lightness characterize this high-tech winder in carbon fiber with irreproachable finish. So strong but infinitely lighter than the steel, the carbon fiber is a resolutely innovative material which, having made the beautiful days of the aeronautics and the car industry, makes an entrance noticed in the field of the design and the production of prestigious objects. Its robustness and its thermal high strength make the ideal case to shelter the most invaluable guard-time. Sports and distinguished, this new signed model RDI-Charles Kaeser, besides the physical qualities of the used material, adorns himself with remarkable effects of material thanks to the meshing of carbon fiber which, by hanging on the light, produces subtle twinkling reflections.

Technical specifications

Dimensions : 165 x 165 x 145 mm
Weight : 3.3 kg
Columns : Métal soft noir
Side faces : Carbon fibre
Front Face : Leather-clad with glass door
Programs : 16
Power supply : 2 AA batteries or on sector